Tyson did not Wrestle in HS

Ok disprove me

I dont think he went ot high school

oh my god

that's why he prolly never comes to the forum...What's www, how do you spell that?

he for sure never placed in states I have the state book but he never wrestled

i think a prerequisite for being on the team is to actually attend high school.

Tyson hates wrestling because those pussy wrestlers wear ear-guards.

i would be surprised if the loser even made it into high school. i'd actually be surprised if he made it past 6th grade.

he did go to high school but he never wrestled.

lol at the loser, yeah heavyweight champion of the world, what a loser.

bankrupt, ex-convict, mentally unstable, former heavyweight champion of the world. he made his name off of fighting nobodies and the big named fighters were washed up from the 70s and early 80s. tyson is an idiot.

This is what beyond the glory said about him. When Tyson was in high school he was focusing on boxing with his trainers. He was eventually expelled from HS because he harassed too many girls or something. He never went back to highschool and graduated.

LOL @ Tyson Harassing too many girls. That explains alot.

oh excuse me, former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, yeah a real loser. and he cleaned out the division in the late 80's, he beat all the top fighters of that time. He was a dominant champion, you may not like him personally but to try to degrade his boxing accomplishments because of it is silly. He has been the man for about the last 17 years. he became champ in 1986 and is still fighing at a contender level.

he was withdrawn from high school by cus d amato, tyson was made fun of alot at school because of his lisps and he reaaly didnt fit in at the school so he begged damato to take him out.

IF you are not going to graduate HS, it's probably not a good idea to go into boxing when your intelligence is at an 8th grade level to begin with. The head trauma that you sustain in boxing, Plus the fact that you didn't finish the 8th grade, will just make you a walking vegetable. Example: Mike Tyson. The fact that he didn't fit in at school is no excuse. I myself did not fit in, and was made fun of from grade school through HS and I graduated without a problem.

Great boxer but as a human being... um... loser is kind of a fitting title.

I think he went to high school....if you consider hanging out with pigeons going to high school

Tyson was all state basketball,football and lacrosse.he also bowled a 300 They let him just show up for meets and no practice

im pretty sure the ghetto ass school tyson went to in highschool didnt have no wrestling program