Tyson Fury on Helwani show!

Fury v Wilder III is on Saturday.

Video set up.


Fury’s interview on the Ryen Russillo podcast last week was hilarious.

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Ironic since Fury kind of famously published a rant about how much he hated Jews… guess those hard felt opinions take a back seat when it comes to self promotion.


Tyson said a lot of crazy things back in the day.

After his breakdown, he apologized for it, and said he was just saying wild things.

He hasn’t said anything controversial for years. And maintains a balanced life.

That interview was 2016, that’s hardly “back in the day”, but it could have been yesterday if he’s changed his mind than he’s changed his mind. Fair enough.

that was an amazing interview, one of my favorite in recent combat sports. Def check it out

Really good interview, Ariel actually shuts the fuck up to let his more interesting guest speak. Loved it.

Monday Night Raw Reaction GIF by WWE

TTT for the Gypsy King and Ariel

that’s why he has bob arum as his promoter

He also popped for steroids and nobody seems to give a fuck.

that’s because the Ukrainians spiked his sample