Tyson Getting Busy With The Ladies

I see Men in the pic 2 !

look better than most of the skanks Liddell is shown with

btw, is that Zawi over Tyson's right shoulder??

Yes that is Zawi and his girlfriend is the one giving Tyson a kiss while Zawi holds his beer.


very nice I like

sure you do buddy, keep telling yourself that

Bitches love crazy infamous guys. I doubt any UG'ers get more ass than Tyson. I doubt there a few that get ass by the ton, but Tyson more than likely fucks more bitches

"when is Tyson fighting Bob Sapp?"

Mike is ducking Bob. I know this because I am a mind reader with crystal balls, and my tits contain two psychic midgets who provide valuable info on upcoming fights and negotiation details.

--the UG

funny thing is that Tyson would be banging the same calibre chicks as any UG stud, yet while we all puff our chests out because we think we are "playas", Tyson would consider these chicks absolutely slumming it, from the days when he was banging Naomi Campbell calibre chicks.

Sheryl Crow imo

Tyson gets mad pussy

Mike Tyson is a black man !

I met Tyswon a few years ago in Floriad at the Bal Harbour Mall. he came into the electronic store I working at. Apparently he knew the owner and just wanted to leave his cell phone on one of our chargers while he went shopping.

He came in and left w/ 2 BEAUTIFUL and stunning blondes in each arm. Tyson might be crazy and have all sorts of problems, but he has no trouble landing incredibly fine women .

lol, he picked up two women in an electronics store and left with them?? classic. Tyson = PUA.

Tyson should open up a Japanese style "host club" where women can pay to sit next to him in a dim little club and have him pour them drinks and fondle them while he sings really bad karaoke.