Tyson Griffen is a lock

I suppose everyone here already knows that though. I have a nack for stating the obvious.

What's a lock?

A warlock?

David Lee is slick on the ground, but I don't think he's UFC level either.

Tyson Griffen = future champion.

Looking forward to seeing him fight, anyone that beats faber is someone to keep an eye on.

When will we see Urijah Faber in the UFC?

No you idiots. I meant warlock.

BTW, Tyson Griffin is spelt Tyson Griffin.

Warlocks are overpowered IMO.

Must be 60 with full epics.

good thing for tyson, tyron T$ glover went to law school

Any NOR CAL fighter is a lock.Let alone Tyson Griffin.

Gomi better put his panties on because the future is coming saturday.

"Gomi better put his panties on because the future is coming saturday."

Gomi has another Cesar Gracie deciple to watch out for in Gil Melendez.

"I read that the WFA signed a mult-fight deal with Faber."

I read that too, but what does that have to do with this thread?

All manner of lesser imps and demons are fair discussion topics on this thread. That includes Faber.

Tyson by bifurcated tail choke.

Mitch...you are the toughest nerd in So. County.

Mitch just pounded the correct once again

TTT 4 the T.I.Z.