Tyson Griffin

I want everyone to give it up for my boy!!!! It's his first UFC Fight..... He is well know and well liked!!!! He dominated ludwig and now has a chance to be a 155lb belt holder of the UFC... And dont under estimate him he will dominate!!!!!

Never seen Tyson fight, whats his style??


We all support our local boys. Tyson will be the UFC LW champ. Forget Sherk. Forget Jens. Tyson Griffin has finally arrived

You can go to sherdog.com and type his name in and see his fight pictures!!!!!

Great fighter second best only to, gilbert melendez.

Tyson is ripped and ready to go and for those who don't know he is the real deal. Since the start he has done nothing but work hard and get better.

I hope it gets shown on ppv, but I am going to see it live. Tyson will tear it up and continue his climb to the top.

Good Luck to Tyson. He beat my boy BANG fair and square. Best of Luck in the UFC Tyson!

For those who may be unaware, Tyson is the future of this division.

Not only is he gifted, he is young, level headed, and has a bright future ahead of him...and with SHields, Melendez and the Diaz brothers in our camp he will only improve.

ttt 4 Tyson

Tyson is as real as it gets..the world will get to see in a couple hours..Handle it T

TTT go Tyson!!

Yo Griffin - my boys and I got your back...rep NorCal bro!

"Not only is he gifted, he is young, level headed, and has a bright future ahead of him"

  • I don't mean to sound gay or anything but how old is this young, sweet, sweeet, sweeeeeeeeet, piece of fighting tom foolery?

I am not gay.

griffin won by RNC in 1st rd..


T is 22...