Tyson interview......

Was on NYC radio before this past weekend. Sounded ok, said time is not on his side and he will box again in August (irish guy named Mcbride) then perhaps that Jerov(sp) guy and then Roy Jones. He talks with Roy all the time and says they would fight with no hard feelings. He said (meaning no disrespect) that Roy is too arrogant and too talented to be scared of him. Also says he has "got old too soon and smart too late".....

Yeah but he better get up off his ass and DO something. We've been hearing that Tyson wants Maskaev, Tyson is going to go K-1 and Fight Sapp, Tyson wants to fight Mesi etc since the Etienne fight but he dosen't do SHIT. Get in the ring or make your retirement official Mike, please. Don't jerk your fans around.

Slick is right. I'm no fan of Tyson, but there isn't a single guy out there today who could dominate him. Closest competitive fights for Tyson would be Tua, Rahman, Sanders, RJJ, and Ruiz.

I could see those guys making a fight of it with Tyson.

Tyson has not won a meaningful fight since 1988. His career has been over for years. There are several heavyweights that would beat him today.

"I think even Botha could come back to boxing and make a run for the title"

Careful now - he may hear you.

Fighting once a year if that is not the way to regain the title.

K-1 is turning into the place to go for boxers who are not at the top of their game anymore.
Slick, you know as well as I do that if you fight Tyson these days you have to get past about three rounds. He is never in shape. He was done after one round agaisnt Lewis and his life is a total screw up. He could beat many of the heavy's out there if he connects, but you have to remember that for all the skills that his fans want him to have, they are not there anymore. He landed one punch against Etienne and Etienne threw the fight. He was not as hurt as he made it out. The guy actually opened his eyes, took his mouth piece out, and closed his eyes again.
Even at the post fight press conference you could tell that Etienne wanted the Tyson payday, and that was it.
I hate to say it but I would even pick Ruiz to beat Tyson at this point in his career. Ruiz is rough and fights dirty, that is enough right there to throw Tyson into a DQ.
Tyson even says he is not ready for anyone in the division, and he never will be with his attitude and his inactivity.

will tyson ever get out of his financial plight.