Tyson says no more

But asked in an interview on Fox News Channel
whether he thought he would fight again soon, a
dispirited Tyson replied: "I don't think so."

"I'm old, I'm tired, I'm out of shape," he continued. "I
don't know. It's probably too difficult to get into
shape now ... I'm exhausted now."

NO! Because he won the HW title. Other guys, like Ibeabuchi for instance, wasted their potential without even accomplishing that much. Tyson was the best boxer int he world for 5 years or so. Just because he could have made it 10 years if he'd applied himself doesn't mean that he automatically gets no credit for unifying the belts.

"But my point is that perhaps if Tyson had stayed outta prison, stayed with good trainers, continuously trained hard and fought, he might have gone down as the best EVA."

I respect your opinion Homie, but even under those circumstances I don't see how he can be considered better than Richard Simmons.

Tyson says no mas? I guess he called it quits since Lewis quit, and he couldn't get a big payday from a second fight. Like we needed to see a 2nd fight.

oh, no doubt if Cus hadn't dies, Tyson would have been 10x the fighter he is

I guess Tyson is not broke after all. A few weeks ago he said he needed to fight because he is broke and only has $5,000 to his name. Tyson probably has money hidden away in some offshore banks because he does not sound like a man in need of money now.

Tyson could own the condo free & clear. A famous person like him needs to have bodyguards, that's a necessary cost. The trip to Hawaii could have been paid for by someone else.

Maybe we shouldn't speculate until we've audited his finances.

He will fight again. He's as bipolar as they come. He probably was pumped about getting back in the ring 10 minutes after he made that statement.

Bottom line is he has financial problems and will have to get back in the ring.

BF is correct... he's got no other choice. Simple fact is he can still make a lot of money on his name alone, even after all the skill has gone. But he's going to end up a fucking mess.

I think Tyson will want to fight Mesi after Mesi embarrased himself this weekend. Tyson sees easy money no doubt.

"I think Tyson will want to fight Mesi after Mesi embarrased himself this weekend. Tyson sees easy money no doubt."

Since when has Mike done the smart thing?