Tyson vs Bob Sapp

They get 2 days to prepare for a MMA fight. I say Tyson takes it via 1st round KO.

Tyson by stare down. Phone Post

Current or prime? Tyson could KO todays Sapp by breathing on him, but the Sapp who beat Hoost and nearly killed Mino was a fucking monster.

Marquess of Queensberry Rules IMO

shamu - Marquess of Queensberry Rules IMO

Prime vs Prime ?

Let's remember the deal w/ PRIME Bob Sapp. He was an absolute physical MONSTER. He and wrecked Hoost TWICE and gave PRIME Big Nog all he could handle and some SCARY moments.

However styles make fights. As good as Big Nog and Hoost were at their respective sports, they were not POWER hitting type guys. Mino was like a giant Royce Gracie w/ somewhat annoying punches to Sapp. Big Nog is a TECHNIQUE style HW.

Same w/ Hoost. He has some nasty strikes, but he's not a big power type kickboxer, as good as he is.

And Sapp was SO BIG that he could smother and oversome ALOT of elite HW technique. What was needed early on I always thought was a POWER type HW....Cro Cop was that guy. Even though he always lost to Hoost...He took out Bob Sapp w/ ease w/ accurate ower...Later on a POWER oriented wrestler like Fujita (a journeyman HW) ran the gammet on Sapp where Mino could not. Yes, Fujita used wrestling technique, but it was his powerful body that allowed it to be focused and pulled off. PRIME Big Nog wouldn't be able to wrestle Sapp like that EVER, even if he was a wrestler.

Cro Cop and Fujita were the 1st to really break Sapp and he's been broken ever since. Too bad, he could have been alot of fun if he had a different mindset.

If they fought right now who would win?

I think Prime vs Prime tyson could still take it though.