U don't gotta be the betta striker

...to outstrike someone in mma."

So true Matt, so true....


it makes sense. what Matt was saying is that when you have to worry about the takedown and the clinch it becomes a different game in which the striker with more tools or sharper skills isn't necessarily get the better of the stand up.

He did actually outstrike him. I think he landed more than GSP even up to the shot that rocked GSP.

GSP, having rolled with Serra many times, may have been really worried about going to the ground with him. Thinking about the shot constantly can certainly fuck with your stand up game. He should have just opened up like he did with Hughes. He was jabbing the shit out of Hughes, I didn't see many jabs thrown against Serra.

GSP was definitely more conservative than he was with Hughes.  I think he probably felt after the first fight that he KNEW he had the tools to be Hughes, but was genuinely concerned about Matt's vastly superior submission skills.  By not opening up, he eliminated the ground game (which was a good thing), but he didn't plan on Matt's standup being as saavy as it was, nor do I think he expected Serra to have such heavy hands.

He outstruck him but in general he is obviously not the better striker.

Actually, when he said that, I thought it was really insightful.
Just because the other guy's more poished, faster, more skilled, etc. doesn't mean you can't make him concerned about something else and paste him.

"Eric, seriously. Learn to read. Did you see the fight? GSP was doing EXACTLY what he did against Hughes. He went for numerous kicks, and punches, etc. Serra dodged them and lit him up with combinations from the inside...He wasn't conservative, he was beat."

You need to rewatch both fights in a close time frame. he did NOT fight the same as he did against Hughes. Against Hughes he established the inside leg kick very early and hit him at range as he stepped off. against serra he stood in front of him and threw high /mid kicks and never stepped off and finished with punches. The not taking an angle off and fighting "tall" cost him. If you dont know the difference just in watching the two fights you may need some more gym time.

Serra knew he was less polished and not as good a puncher/kicker as GSP. His pre figt comments were dead on and in hindsight prophetic. GSP was clearly over worried about committing to any right hands or heavy right kicks.

If was indeed worried about the ground with Serra he needs to really work on things. Serra hasnt finished anyone on the ground in ages.

And just like U dont have to be abetter striker to outstrike someone in MMA, You also dont have to be a better grappler to get position and beatdown your opponent in MMA.

very true, the best guy doesnt always win

He threw non commited kicks and very, very few punches. He didnt follow kicks with punches. he threw one or two leg kicks that were also non commited. You did say he foght that way against Hughes didnt you?

I realize people who dont train Boxing and kickboxing alot and watch fights see a kick or punch and it all looks the same to them. The footwork, type of combinations and commitment in a strike tell a much bigger story than "DUDE HE THREW SOME KICKS, CANT YOU SEE?" But the two fights by GSP were not very similar in his patch of attack, confidence or follow-ups.

you don't have to be a better boxer to beat somebody in boxing either.. same for kickboxing.. when I say better I mean more technical..

I mean Hoost is a better kickboxer in a technical sense than Sapp even though Sapp beat him twice..

GSP has more overall technique than Serra, but maybe the way they matchup on the feet isn't good for GSP.. maybe GSP has trouble with inside fighters...

I think its kind of the same situation as in Randleman vs Crocop 1. Randleman isnt as good a striker as Mirko, but he still knocked Mirko out. To put it like this: In a kickboxing match, I dont think Serra would beat GSP. However, EVERYONE pretty much said Serras only chance was to get it to the ground, and GSP probably thought that as well, so he was more worried about the takedown than Serras striking. And thats what makes MMA different from a kickboxing match. So much more to worry about and to defend against, and suddenly, youre leaving yourself open to the one thing noone thought would happen.

lofl.. ya people get caught dude.. shit happens in fighting.. also there are alot of variables, just because GSP has better technique doesn't mean he will beat Serra on the feet..

I guess you could say the more technical striker isn't always the better striker..

" Last I checked, when you are in MMA, the only stand up that matters is your MMA standup skills."

Check again because you are totally wrong.

IMO if Penn could not sumbit GSP, i dont think Serra would have either. GSP got caught, it happens. He will be champ again!