u guys ever watch PETER CHAO?

cwever guy. vewy cwever.

(from a davefu embed)

Love that dude, he's hilarious.

he needs a show.

"I thought you were a baddass, but you're just a gross motherfucker...so, that's ok. That's ok...do you mind if we are not friends anymore?

I know, he crosses the line of just being a funny dude, to having enough talent to actually go pro...not to mention he also writes all that shit himself.

Right now he's semi-pro...

And usually thick Chinese accents grind on my nerves, but in his case it's funny as shit...it's just the right thickness...wait, that sounds wrong.

he needs to go pro--w/ the semi pro approach.


 Chao out Mudafuka

veddy funnee!

Unlike Moke, those accents always sound funnee to me.

But one dot indian accent FTultimateW! They can be talking bout starving children, and still be funny....What?!

 I think he's from Vancouver, Canada.

gotta love BC!!!

what do you guys think about that Uncle Same guy?

 You want to sponser somebody then look no further then Peter Chao dude.  Hook the guy up.  Have him wear shirts with Monster on it in every video.  You will be a HERO I tell you...............a madafuken HERO!



LOL!! How did you find this guys?