U.N. calls for racial reparation

“The report calls for reparations as an essential step to addressing the suffering inflicted by slavery and colonialism. Monetary compensation was important, the report said, but reparations “should not only be equated with financial compensation.” They could also include formal acknowledgment and apologies, educational reform and measures to commemorate the experience of people of African descent, it said.”

F off U.N. and worry about your own damn countries. You are the first ones to cry out to daddy to help you out.

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Why only african slavery? Slavery existed in several places done by different people. What makes africans so different?



Because it was most rampant there by a lot. No other place had so many slaves taken from it.

But the descendents of slaves are doing just fine relative to their African contemporaries. The UN should focus it’s efforts cleaning up the shitbag leaders of Africa.

Who sold those slaves?

That’s not happening. The UN is too woke for that. It’s easier to just blame it on racism/legacy of slavery, than it is to blame the leaders and hold them accountable.

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Don’t disagree with that.

Not all blacks are descendants of slaves, and not all descendants of slaves are black. Good luck to whoever has to validate proof before cutting the check.

I’d prefer we just return all blacks back to Africa and call it even.


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Good… Take it out of the UN’s annual funding we give them every year.

That’s debatable… How many slaves do you think the Romans took in their conquest of Gaul and in Germania? How many from their conquests in the east?

Why is it that they are not more concerned with the actual slavery still going on the the Middle East and other parts of the world?



Taking advantage of the current climate to leverage the US a little bit.

I agree. Oh so you guys want us to do this and this for reparations? No problem, we will just take funding out of what we give you to do that. lol

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Look who it’s run by… Communist China and Islamic dictatorships. Iran on Women’s rights council what a joke. Meanwhile in Canada Trudeau is sticking their agenda up our ass. More division under the guise of progress.

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Lol, like that’s how it’s going to go.
“Alright, everyone line up. Woah woah woah, not so fast crackers”

Why don’t they work on the actual slavery that is occurring right now in China and Africa and dozens of other places.

What an absolute discrace

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We already took care of this shit.

Our government has enacted sweeping legislation on the federal level barring racism in practice. This has been going on since the 60s.

We’re sorted. Move the fuck on.