U.S congress traded $290 million stocks in 2021

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This is incredible


. In 2021, many politicians beat the market. We need more accountability. See the full report: http://unusualwhales.com/i_am_the_senate/full…


5:33 PM · Jan 12, 2022·Twitter for iPhone

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everyone should fallow @unusualwhales on twitter! Great software for trading and he is the one who started this movement against Pelosi and the rest of Congress! This is the guy who is spottlighting this!


^^^ That is the info posted in the first post in the thread. The cause of the thread.

But yeah, its good what the fella is doing.

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Ha! Like I said it’s a good start.

I think allowing mutual fund investments are ok. But maybe no individual stocks for 12-24 months.

a lot can happen in a year so so the insider info would be much less valuable after 12 months

Just to play devils advocate

If you don’t pay and pay well… then policy is only made by people so rich they don’t need to work

If you want everyday people helping to shape the laws and policy then you have to pay them. But everyday jobs have 20-30 year service years before getting your pension (if you even get one)

I agree with this.

The active trading is what should be punished severely. Go ahead and get a vanguard account and let it do what it do. But leaving a meeting and having a 50 second phone chat with your homie who then turns around sells before the crash should be punished with jail time. Pelosi saying “deal with it” is a slap in the face. They aren’t royalty or celebrities. I think elected officials should be paid well but they are deified because of the 24 hour news cycle and think they’re above the law. Prior to Obama, even the president lived a relatively humble life