U.S GOP congressman goes rouge in Afghanistan. Location, unknown


US officials ‘unsure’ of whereabouts of GOP congressman who went rogue to rescue people in Afghanistan: report

On Tuesday, The Washington Post reported that Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) has gone rogue to travel to Taliban-controlled Afghanistan on a rescue mission, in the face of multiple warnings not to do so from the Pentagon and State Department — and that nobody knows where he is.

“Mullin told the [Tajik] embassy that he planned to fly from Tblisi, Georgia, into Tajikistan’s capital, Dushanbe, in the next few hours and needed the top diplomat’s help, according to the two U.S. officials familiar with the incident, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to disclose private conversations about a sensitive matter,” reported Tayler Pager and John Hudson. “Embassy officials told Mullin they could not assist him in skirting Tajikistan’s laws on cash limits on his way to visiting one of the most dangerous places on earth.”

The Post’s sources said that Mullin was “outraged by the response” and even threatened U.S. ambassador John Mark Pommersheim and embassy staff and “demanding to know the name of staff members he was speaking with.”

According to the report, Mullin previously attempted to fly into Afghanistan through Greece, but was rebuffed by U.S. officials on that occasion as well.

Mullin’s efforts to travel to Afghanistan come a week after Reps. Seth Moulton (D-MA) and Peter Meijer (R-MI) also journeyed to Kabul to witness the rescue efforts and returned on a military flight, drawing criticism from congressional leaders. Unlike Moulton and Meijer, Mullin is not a veteran, with a pre-congressional career as a mixed martial artist instead.

“As of late Tuesday, U.S. officials said they were unsure of Mullin’s location. Mullin’s office did not respond to multiple requests for comment,” said the report. “‘To say this is extremely dangerous is a massive understatement,’ said a State Department official who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the sensitive situation.”


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Interview with him from two weeks ago:

’ MULLIN: “Blood On Biden’s Hands” in Afghanistan saga’

CLAREMORE – Congressman Markwayne Mullin held nothing back when it came to expressing his thoughts about President Biden’s handling of the recent pullout from Afghanistan. Speaking to a packed house Thursday morning at a Claremore coffee shop, Mullin described the pullout and subsequent fall of Kabul as one which he said will result in the deaths of Americans and several of its allies. “There are a lot of things going on right now – we’ve got a lot of people here, and I’m not really going to talk too much, but I will get to as many questions as I can,” Mullin began.

“I was on the phone earlier today with (Minority Leader of the House of Representatives) Kevin McCarthy – our leader, and because I sit on the House Permanent Select Committee for intelligence, he asked if I could fly out to Tinker (Air Force Base), so I’m on standby right now.

“That said, the world’s moving quickly right now, especially in Afghanistan – it tears me up inside, especially if you understand the backstory,” he said. “We knew Afghanistan. I think any of us who had ever been to Afghanistan knew that when the U.S. pulled out that they were going to fall. They don’t operate the same way we do. Their loyalty is to strength, their loyalty is to who’s there, their loyalty is based on who’s got the biggest bag of money or the biggest gun – that’s how that it operates. They’ve operated that way for centuries, so we’re not going to go in there and just change it.

I told everyone we were the backbone of any Afghan national security force – by which I mean we were the backbone which held all the ribs together. We held all the pieces together, and when that broke, it all broke.

“What you started seeing them going from province to province, from town to town, the governor there, the mayor there was telling them ‘Don’t kill me – if you leave me in place, I’ll make sure you get all the military equipment that’s here’,” he said. “We were told – and this is what hurts us – to get people to Kabul. Get an interpreter you work with, an American citizen, a missionary – we were told to get them to Kabul, and that they would be protected there.

We’re going to keep the government intact in Kabul – that’s what we were told, that’s what I was told personally. “Here’s the issue: Kabul fell,” he said. “Now, everybody that’s there who has a bag with their personal belongings, the Taliban knows exactly who they are, because we also put it out publicly in Afghanistan with papers and on the net – we told people who worked with us to get to Kabul and we’d keep them safe,” he said.

“The Taliban has that same information, and have said they’ll give everyone amnesty if they declare themselves.” “Amnesty” according to the Taliban differs considerably from what it means to most, however, Mullin said.

“They’ll honor that, but amnesty to them means a quick death – that means, instead of raping you, instead of torturing you, instead of doing horrific things to you, they’ll grant you a quick death, they’ll just line you up and shoot you in the head,” he said.

“So, when I put out statements and I say that this blood is on (President) Biden’s hands, I’m not trying to be political. I’m deadly serious when I say that this is on Biden’s hands, his adviser’s hands, General (Mark) Milley’s hands.” Mullin said before Kabul fell, he and other concerned congressmen had received repeated assurances from General Milley that it would be protected and that the American military would be present to safeguard the city. “On Friday, a group that I worked with on my last trip (to Afghanistan) was told to stand down on Saturday,” he said.

“They were going almost to Benghazi and the guy sent me a text to say ‘Hey, we’re going back in’, to which I sent a question mark to ask where, and his response was simply ‘the hot spot’. I immediately picked up the phone, knowing what was happening and reached him on a secure phone, over which he informed me that they were told to stand down.” Mullin was not shy expressing his frustration with the situation. “Guys, that just …burns me,” he said.

“We allowed individuals to die. You have the secretary of state right now, you have the press secretary out there right now saying they don’t have the contingency plans to get out but that they’re trying to. “At the same time, the British are literally Tweeting about them moving convoys through the streets of Kabul and the Taliban’s letting them through, they’re picking up everybody and if there are people from other countries there, they’ll pick them up if they’re in the same location,” he said. “How can the Brits move through there and we can’t?

I don’t understand it and there’s no answer. Once again, when I say there’s blood on Biden’s hands, I’m not meaning that because he’s a Democrat. I mean that because he royally screwed up and there are a lot of people that are dying, I can tell you that when you’re over there, your interpreter is your life support, and there are a lot of people that were good to us who are now dying. We sold them out, and we let them die, and it hurts me.” Mullin apologized for “carrying on” about Afghanistan, but admitted he was “very emotional” about it, as there are people with whom he works who are “literally dying” because of the situation.

“I mean, I might not know that they’re dying, but I do,” he said. “They’re there, they’re not able to leave. It’s not like they can just move out of town. They’re not going to let you leave unless you have the proper paperwork and the Taliban allows you to leave.

They’ve got you trapped, and they’ll systematically go through one person at a time – because they will, and I wonder if the media’s going to be covering that. Who knows?” Following his impassioned remarks, Mullin opened the floor up to questions. Topics on which he answered questions included: Afghanistan refugees: “(Refugees) aren’t coming straight to the United States. The base that we have in that region, another one that we’re not using, we’re taking everybody there,” Mullin said. “Now there are some who are coming directly to the U.S. but they’re paperwork got started a long time ago – interpreters, etc., but since we’re flying out people so fast on a C-15 and C-17 they’re going to a stationery unit for now. They won’t all come to the United States, although we’re footing the bill for it. All those people who are being fed and housed, receiving medical care, receiving an education – the U.S. is paying for that.”

The Southern border: “When Biden came in on Jan. 20, he reversed all of Trump’s policies,” Mullin said. “We didn’t have a catch in release, stay in place before you come in, etc. That’s why you’ve seen such a huge influx of people coming in (since Jan. 20). Individuals that represent over 150 different countries, from all over the world, including the Middle East, have come across (the southern border). Our adversaries know good and well that that’s a fee and open border to come across, and we’re not tracking any of them.

If you go to Dallas, you’ll see people today walking around with a manila envelope and something around their neck that reads ‘I don’t speak English’. There’s a group of us who were on the border one day and the next day we were in Dallas flying, we saw with our own eyes some of the same people, wearing the same clothes that we’d saw get apprehended the day before, who were now in the (Dallas) airport, getting ready to fly somewhere in the country. There’s zero way to track them.

This administration is completely failing in all aspects right now, and failing quickly. Their policies are egregious.” America’s global reputation post-Afghanistan pullout: “This is a major catastrophe for us – it’s going to create huge ripples around the world that will last for years – years of consequences,” he said. “China has such an influx of influence around the world. They’re trying to become ‘the’ world power. Before this, no one wanted to do business with China because they didn’t feel like they could be trusted.

The world felt like they could trust America and the American people. This has been a huge gift to them – to their propaganda machine. We just handed it to them and we can’t even defend it because it is on us.”’

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# GOP lawmaker threatened officials:

Oklahoma Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R) allegedly threatened U.S. Embassy staffers in Tajikistan when requesting assistance in transporting a large amount of cash into the country in his attempt to enter neighboring Afghanistan on Monday, The Washington Post reported.

According to the Post, Mullin told embassy staffers that he was planning on hiring a helicopter to go into Afghanistan so he could rescue a family of five Americans, one woman and her four children. He reportedly needed assistance in bypassing Tajikistan’s laws on cash limits.

Staffers told the Post that Mullin, 44, became furious when his request was denied, threatening them as well as U.S. Ambassador to Tajikistan John Mark Pommersheim. The report did not describe how the GOP lawmaker allegedly threatened the staffers.

The Hill has reached out to the State Department and the U.S. Embassy to Tajikistan for further comment. Mullin’s office did not immediately respond when reached by The Hill.

This is the second time Mullin has attempted to travel into Afghanistan, the Post noted, having traveled to Greece last week and being denied by the Pentagon when he requested permission to enter Afghanistan.

“To say this is extremely dangerous is a massive understatement,” one unidentified State Department official told the newspaper of Mullin’s endeavors to enter the area. Officials are currently unaware of the Oklahoma lawmaker’s whereabouts, the newspaper reported.

This attempt to enter Afghanistan by Mullin comes about one week after Reps. Seth Moulton (D-Mass.) and Peter Meijer (R-Mich.), both military veterans, discretely traveled to Kabul in order to conduct “oversight” of the Biden administration’s evacuation of Americans and Afghan civilians.

The two lawmakers left Afghanistan within 24 hours of landing, departing on a plane designated for Americans and vulnerable Afghans, though they said they sat in crew-only seating to ensure no one was deprived of a seat because of their presence.

White House officials along with congressional leaders later lambasted Moulton and Meijer for their secret trip to Kabul. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) called it “deadly serious” and said “we do not want members to go” shortly after news of the trip broke.

Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said their trip “took time away from what [U.S. military forces] had been planning to do that day” so that they could provide protection for the two lawmakers.

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