U.S GOP congressman goes rouge in Afghanistan. Location, unknown

The last politician with balls was teddy roosevelt

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Lol. You forgot Trump whose balls are still on your chin



No doubt. I don’t have a problem with you so I will keep civil from now on…

He likes to troll and hate on dogs.

One of those is true

Dude’s going to end up getting beheaded by Isis or in a Tajikistan prison

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Save Americans in the US? What do you want him to do, fend off someone’s baby daddy?

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What is he going to do in Afghanistan?

Help the Americans who are STILL behind


Unless I missed something, this guy isn’t broadcasting everything he’s doing looking for attention…in fact he’s doing the opposite seeing as nobody even knows where he is. Calling him an “Instagram ho” doesn’t really seem accurate.


He’s a politician by definition his livelihood is popularity and publicity stunts. Don’t play games with me faggot

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What social media site was he posting all of this shit on looking for attention?


Looks like the Washington post

never go full retard


2 chicken shit OGer s… must be a lazy Tuesday…

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Joe Biden GIF by GIPHY News

you talkin’ to me?

Move those goalposts.

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Just in general…