U.S. Sumo Nationals Results

Here are the results of the U.S. Sumo Nationals, held in Las Vegas this past weekend:

Men's Lightweight -

1st John Gonzales

2nd Joe Davis

3rd Wade Strober

Men's Middleweight -

1st Troy Collins

2nd Rene Marte

3rd Kena Heffernan

Men's Heavyweight -

1st Ted Vitor Barbarato

2nd James Brewster Thompson

3rd Kelly Gneiting

Men's Open -

1st Kena Heffernan

2nd Rene Marte

3rd Marcus Barber

Brewster Thompson, who is familiar to all the San Jose judoka, will be the U.S. heavyweight representative at the World Championships in Riesa, Germany, Oct. 16 and 17.

Congratulations to all.