quite often ive read that canadian competitors have difficulty fighting in the US due to visa troubles,Menjivar/Serra comes immediately to mind. how do the promoters remedy this problem, what INS forms need to be filed and in what order? thanks in advance to anyone who bothers to respond.

Why would one need a visa to go and fight in the US?
Just go and fight, no visa needed. Unless of course
your talking not fighting on the mainland - maybe it's
a different story, but to just drive across the border
and fight, I don't see this as being a problem. It's
done all the time.

Also, it might be a different story for Americans
coming up here to fight.

anyone trained in the u.s. for a period of time exceeding 6 months? where you worked/lived/drove legally? all these INS forms.....

The UFC started doing work visas because of a boxing promoter getting fined by the US government for bringing in a foreign fighter to fight without a work visa.

A high profile event like the UFC has the potential to get caught due to PPV, so they're being safe....Most other MMA events are totally under the radar, the US government won't notice them due to lack of TV and such. So the majority of American events don't require work visas for Canadian fighters.

"From: wayne-o
Date: 05/31/04 11:13 PM
Why would one need a visa to go and fight in the US? Just go and fight, no visa needed."

Because it's illegal to earn income in America unless you're an immigrant, citizen, or have some sort of authorization from said government (Such as a work visa). It's pretty much the same in Canada.

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