U.S. Woman Judoka

What's going on with Nanoushka St-Pre? Has she been competing? Is she injured?

I see that Celita Schutz is back. Does she plan on trying on making the 2004 US Olympic team?

And last but not least Ronda Rousey: she has come on like an unannounced storm.

Nanoushka did her knee in a while ago. i believe it was her ACL.

Celita is competing again.. she said it was more or less for fun, but who knows..? making the team is one thing, but the odds on the division qualifing are not so great right now.

Ronda just added a 5th palce finish in Korea, she went 3-2 i believe. She came on like a storm and it is gonna take a lot of work for anybody to stop her, but the one thing i can say in defence of Grace Jividen is that when they fought at the US open grace had just broken her foot the week before. If Grace was/is healthy its a lot harder to tell how things will work out.

for those who dont get email from jon miller...
there arer 2 new A's in US Judo from the first day of competition in Korea. Rick Hawn took a bronze medal and Ellen Wilson took silver. Ronda Rousey took 5th.


Thanks Josh,
I saw the match with Grace and Ronda.....It was pretty good. Grace did not seem to be on her game in my opinion...The broken foot explains it.

Congrats to Rick and Ellen. I know Rick has really been working hard. He's on a mission.

81's is going to be nearly as fun to watch at the trials as 73's. =)


I am a big Ronda Roussey fan. I love her tenacity on the mat. St. Pre just had another surgery on her knee. She had a scope. She tore her MCL about a month ago so she is still rehabbing. I think, for the most part. She's done. She doesn't live at the OTC anymore, she live in the city and trains at the OTC.

Ronda has a newaza game that no woman in US judo has right now. When she hits the mat she can and will dominate anyone in her weight class in the US - period.

Rhadi, I agree.....

her newaza was good enough to get her a couple of wins in Korea as well. she is fierce and she has absolutely no fear of anybody. she is exactly what the doctor ordered. i hope she sticks around to 2008, becuase i truly believe she can bring home some hardware by then.


Rhonda is a remake of her mother and Dr. Rousey is known for
breaking arms back when she was doing things. I have known her
or rather she has known me since i was 4 or 5 and now because
she helped me backin MN - I take every opportunity to help her
daughter at camps and trainings.

It is unfortunate but it does not look like Nush will be qualifiying
for the Olympic games. That divsion in the Pan Am union has just
not happened.

Ellen Wilson is coming on very strong here on the end and don't
forget about Sayaka Matsumoto nor Charlee Minkin - who I saw
yesterday at a local just hanging out talking with the kids and
things. BTW more elites could learn by doing this rather then
thinking they are to good - Great marketing tool.


How old is Rhonda? I heard like 16 or so.

The next best USA finish was Ellen Wilson (USA, Colorado Springs) went 2-1 to claim a silver medal at 57 kg. First round Wilson defeated Hye-Rim Jung (KOR) by yuko with Harai makikomi. In the semi-final Wilson defeated Anja Wagner (GER) by ippon in the first 10 seconds. Wilson lost the final to Mi-Young Yang (KOR) getting caught with drop seoi at the 3 min mark.

63kg Ronda Rousey (USA, Santa Monica, CA) went 3-2 taking 5th place. 1st round Rousey defeated Danuse Zdenkova (CZE) with juji-gatame. 2nd round Rousey lost to Keiko Maeda (JPN) getting pinned for ippon in the first minute. Rousey defeated Oksana Kokorina (TKM) and Mi-Won Yoo (KOR) with juji-gatame to advance to the bronze medal match where she lost to Ga-Young Park (KOR) by wazari and 2 yukos.

52kg Liz Burns (USA, Scotia, NY) lost her opening round match to 2003 French Open champ Eun-Hee Lee (KOR) getting caught with Uchimata at the halfway mark. Liz then lost a tight match to Audrey LaRizza (FRA) eliminating her from the competition.

i train with celita at ogasawara's and i believe she is going to try to make the team. not 100% positive but i think she is 2nd in points right now..

she is great to train with and has taught me tons and tons of stuff!!!

"i think she is 2nd in points right now.."

You're right.

#1 = Molly O'Rourke - 11 pts

#2 = Celita Schutz - 6 pts

#3 = Samantha Lang - 5 pts