U Wanted Ladyboys (pics)

well im back from my thailand trip....had an abaolute ball...purchased too many clothes and shit.....went to the full moon party.....too many stories to write here.....but as promised some pics of lady boys



thank you :)

bad COBRAS!!!!!!

Did you meet BONELLO's friend bangcock Suzie??


if anyone needs me, I'll be in the toilet for the next 4 or 5 hours...

and what I like best there is the utter joy written on your face, its a touching, beautiful, and natural thing. very hallmark.

more pics!

i would post them for you, but they have nipples showing so am not allowed.

male nipples is NOT in contradiction??


well cant post anymore it nipples are your biggest worry ;)

"btw, which one is the ladyboy?"

i was wondering who would come up with the lamest joke. Well done

I wanna know what happened to


I simply do not belive for one minute that the mighty Cobras would only manage 2 photos of this sort....

Come on mate, where are the rest...


Maybe he was that impressed with exhibit Resizeofthailand004.jpg he brought her back, hence no need for photo :0


Some great photo's of the Chinese Swim Team!

Some questions;

  1. How much of your money is sticking out of her top in 005?

  2. Why is she holding your mobile phone and was the vibrating ring tone activated?

  3. Did you question the size of her hands, they are fucking monstous for a little girl like that (so is her head btw)?

  4. Was the head transplant a success?

  5. Did you get a happy ending?

  6. 001, 002 & 004?

Love your work!



  1. I gave her 50 bhat AUS $2.00

  2. It must be her mobile, but it was to vibrate ;)

  3. I didnt question the size of anything as i was in a ladyboy bar

  4. Im happy with the way my head turned out

  5. yes....no.....i mean....next question

  6. all the other phots are worse and with my girlfriend, im sure she dosent want pics of her on here!!!!

  1. Same as 4. (I didn't mean your head Cobras!?)

  2. Does your girl have a sister? (she must be the most understanding girl I've heard of, letting you get nudie pics in a strip bar in her presence!!!)


  1. Yeah there are photos of her with the topless girls as well, she was the one that to go to the sex shows and the ladyboy bars. And yes G she has an older sister, not married
  1. Can you send a photo of her sister to geraldbb@hotmail.com?


lol, come on people, show a bit of class, there are children on this site