UberEats Driver Cries "How am I supposed to survive?"

‘How am I supposed to survive?’ Uber Eats delivery driver cries after getting tip of just $1.19 despite driving for more than an hour

  • TikTok user @deliveryguy100 posted a cry for help, saying ‘I wish people knew what it was like to deliver’ for the various food delivery apps
  • He said he was homeless and struggling to survive in the video viewed more than 1.1 million times
  • In addition to the meager tip, he said he received only $2 for the delivery itself
  • Commenters were sympathetic, but many placed blame on delivery app companies for what they said was worker exploitation
  • Despite widespread adoption of its food delivery service Uber still posted a $6.77 billion loss for 2020 and is reportedly yet to turn a profit

Jobs like that are supposed to be a side gig, not your entire career. Find a better job than guarantees u income then do that on the side if u want, but ideally, look for something better. If ubereats aint paying u much, look into skip or doordash. Crying about it is not gonna help.


How can you lose that much money and still operate?

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You’re supposed to decline shitty offers. He knew exactly what he was getting when he accepted it.

  1. You’re not homeless if you have a car

  2. I don’t want that guy touching my food

  3. Take a shower, find a real job, and stop blaming your problems on other people. Maybe they only tipped you $2 because they’re poor too? Maybe a food delivery driver job is only meant for young people and as supplemental income and not full-time employment to pay your mortgage and support a family.


Maybe he thought that since it was so far out that the person who was ordering it would give him a big tip?



Maybe in Canada.

I do ubereats from time to time. It shows the total payout with tip beforehand unless the customer changes the tip after delivery


if he has a car he can work retail and at least get a better flow of income (maybe more than food delivery). it makes me wonder why people opt for these gig jobs over say working at a gas station.

is the money better than a minimum wage job?

Do you think he took it anyway hoping for the big tip on the side anyway?

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You make up on volume

Then he’s a moron. I only take an offer if it pays $2/mile and at least 7 dollars total.

I suspect he gambled and took it hoping for a bigger tip and when it didn’t pan out he went online crying.

Ya know, I ain’t the biggest hairstyle expert, but his hair doesn’t reflect that of a homeless person.

Also, why did he take the order? There has to be a way to see what you’ll make taking the pickup plus tip before accepting.

And how did they allow that order to be taken? When I use Ubereats, Doordarsh, etc I can only get delivery from places where there is a driver and that isn’t that far away. Seriously, an hour away? Don’t believe it.

Half the time with the fees and tip I just say screw it, I’ll just go get it myself.

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I don’t have really any sympathy. We don’t order off these apps much but the last two times we have I’ve watched the driver pick my food up and head in the opposite direction to deliver my almost cold food 30 minutes later. Have since found out that most of the skip drivers in my city work for door dash as well so they’re picking up two meals at a time.


I haven’t paid for food delivery since I had a pizza delivered a really long time ago. I’d always tip the guys well.

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never , ever believe that these crying about Tips videos posted by angry workers are 100% accurate, as they report it

1 extremely emotional and biased side of the story


He should really blame North America’s tipping culture. All it does is allow restaurants and these apps to pay like shit because the customer is expected to pick up the difference.