UberEats Driver Cries "How am I supposed to survive?"

Are you saying he lived by a river?

Why am I paying your wage, door dashes profit, and tipping you after I already paid your wages?

Don’t get me wrong, I always tip, I just don’t understand how you think what you do deserves more than a couple bucks.

Thanks for making me laugh with your talk of “luxury services.”

Edit: apparently the service I use is run differently as I have never had a problem with getting food delivered. It must be more “high” end where you live.


I dont feel entitled to anything. But if you dont add a tip I will be offered 3 dollars to drive to the restaurant, wait, and drive however many miles to your house using my own gas and car. Im not sure if you think that is a reasonable deal or I should just do it anyways.

If you dont/small tip I just wont do the order. Maybe someone else will, but they are probably losing money on the trip. Just as you dont care how much Im making from doordash, I dont give a shit how much you are being charged, I care what you are tipping.

How come these cocksuckers never post a video after a good tip? Unappreciative low skilled people only cry at the few times they don’t make what they’re happy with.

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But if he cries enough, someone will start a GoFundMe that makes $100K, and job offers pour in. The new American way.

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If I’m being generous, my orders are correct 30% of the time. If you drive for these companies (at least in my area) fuck you; you are less than worthless and don’t deserve to eat.


Nice. No way that brillo-haired simpleton fuck can compete with your scientifically learn-ed techniques and advanced studies. His bitch-ass is obsolete and out on the street.

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Get me a JBC before I lose it