Yesterday I posted that UCC 8 was available from FCF. It's actually UC 8 from England.

Ultimate Combat 8 DVD!

Ultimate Combat 8: Retribution
Damien Riccico makes Robin Gracie verbally submit in a "NHB" challenge Match--see it here!

Chippenham, England - Sunday, 30th November 2003 - Word must be spreading as Ultimate Combat 8 was another sell-out, with a packed venue and people turned away at the door. The evening's fight card included the semi-finals of the Lightweight World Title tournament and the highly anticipated final battle in the quest to crown the UC World Welterweight Champion. Damien Riccio returns to Ultimate Combat amidst a wave of controversy, and Sol Gilbert takes on Matt Ewin to see who is the UK's best middleweight.

Also witness the Damien Riccio vs. Robin Gracie challenge match in a World exclusive, and see Damien tell his version of the story and publicly challenge the Gracies! "Retribution" is another exciting and high quality release that will continue to put producers ML Sports on the MMA map.

Fabricio Nascimento vs. Paul Jenkins

Sol Gilbert vs. Matt Ewin

Damien Riccio vs. Ruben Vazquez

Evert Fyeet vs. Tom Blackledge

Kim Hovgaard vs. Ian Butlin

Pat Carr vs. Mark Wilson

Lars Besand vs. Stephano Meneghal

Javier Garcia vs. Rafles LaRose

Tomas Duffin vs. Mark Collett

Mick Broster vs. Enrique Anton

Mark Spencer vs. Sami Berik

Greg Loughrin vs. Dave Butlin

James Thompson vs. Marc Goddard

Steven Milward vs. Billy Harris

Kelli Salone vs. Dina Van Den Hooven