UCF 55 Fury available now..

is it just me or did anybody notice that UFC 55 Fury, is available already in store way before it's intended release date of March 3rd or 7th

What stores did you see it in?

UFC 55 was le junk.

As far as I know it's being released Tuesday March 7th.

i saw it last week to be exact, I didn't buy it because like you said it's straight up garbage. I did buy heavy hitter, high octane and body blow though.

Just to let everybody know, the main menu for this UFC is totally different. They changed the whole interface

Must not be the legit Zuffa released DVD then.

I bought it at one of the big stores, so I doubt it's fake. However, my brother did say the menu looked like something somebody could make at their own pc

Guess we'll find out a week from Tuesday if it's the real DVD or not.

"thats my bad i left my burned copy in the store
any chance i can have it back? "

I think you left about 12 of your burned copies there, you want me to get all of them for you.

Good stuff William. LOL

Did anyone notice that on the UFC 54 Boiling Point DVD they don't even have the fighters pre-fight interviews before the fights? They just go straight to tale of the tape and then the fight. The Chuck/Horn fight was the exception probably because it was the main event. They really need to show everyone's prefight interviews on future DVD's.

Trust me I'm not mistaken, the one I got is the one where Buentello gets knocked out. If I had a blue name I would show pics of it just to prove it. This kind of things happens all the time, maybe someone in the stock room made the mistake..