uchimata verilotte

I was just watching the verilotte dvds. On his entry to uchimata and harai goshi he doesn't use a cross step kosa dachi. It is almost like he skips that part of the movement. The front foot steps across and almost immediatley turns away from the opponent then the other foot does the sweeping motion. Is this faster then doing the cross step? I am wondering about the entry to uchimata this is a little different then the traditional entry. I understand it may just be abreviated. If any one has any ideas on the best way to do the entry for uchimata I'd like to hear it.

here is link to how he does it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3UiNVVjcoQ

i think once you practice the regular uchi-mata for a long time, it will become more 'skipping' if you like.
similar to seio-, 1-2-3 at first, then its faster. but you need to be taught the proper way first.

i've been told by my japanese coach that before uchi-mata, its ideal if you learn tsursi-komi-goshi.