uchimata vs. zombies

I have trouble getting this throw on the undead. Any pointers?

My one answer to all of this, ALL OF IT, is one name:


Either you are an innovator or a relic. I can already see what stage alot of people here are.

ok man yu hhave to be careful that when you grab a sleeve that their rotting clothes stay intact.. and also you have to make sure you do not pull to hard on their arm for it may come off as well. and do it fast to make sure they do not eat your brains

You have to position yourself just right! First, as
the undead goes for you, you must lower your head so
that it is close to the floor. I know this sounds
crazy but when facing a zombie hip throw rationale out
the door! Ok so when you head is close to the floor
wait till zombie kneels down to take a bite. When he
does he will have one knee on the ground and one knee
up. NOW here’s your chance, Bruce Campbell. You don’t
want to grab too much of his rotting flesh. So as his
head get closer to yours grab the back of it with your
hand. Then use that same side leg, as you get up into
competition stance, and sweep him in the groin area.
Make sure you have body contact cause you don’t want
it to look like you hit him between the legs on
purpose, that would be an illegal move.

So there it is. If you put enough hip crunch into it
you should get a decent score!

Let me know how it goes! Cheers!

I got bit, and I am slowly turning zombie. I should have footswept him! I'm gonna be in the OG for awhile...rotties.

The obvious answer here is Koshi guruma instead.

Since his close and flesh are probably rotted, you wan't to stay away from gi style grips and overhook/underhook. if his arms pop off when you turn in, he can bite the back of your neck, no problem.

However, for koshi, the neck is probably more stable then the arms, plus you get head control. Bend the knees and get alot of body contact so it is effortless with lots of hip instead of yanking on the neck. Teh zombie will probably have high balance and be lurching forward, so kuzushi should be good.

If the zombies head does happen top pop off, it will have a hard time biting you, but be sure to kick the head away.

Thanks guys for all the tips on chucking zombies. I now feel fully prepared for any Dawn of the Dead like scenarios.

It sucks when you try a flying armbar and the guys arm falls off doesn't it?

Yeah, that would be a grave mistake. I was going to say wear him down until he was dead on his feet but that wouldn't work would it?