UCW 4 results

Jason Tatlow over Grant Tennant (1st round TKO)
Chad Hamzeh over Jeff Sutherland (1st round TKO)
John Laing over Steve Taylor (1st round KO)
Darcy Spence over Nathan Spence (1st round RNC)
Jesse Bongfeldt over Keith Sogla (1st round TKO)
Graydon Tannas over Curt McKinnon (1st round TKO)
Aaron Tregear over Dominik Blais (2nd round TKO)
Ivan Menjivar over Justin Tavernini (1st round triangle)
Jason Day over Chris Fontaine (1st round TKO).

It was a good night of fights... it went pretty quick which was good so people could get some where to watch the rest of UFC 60. Rampage's not being there sucked but Graydon Tannas filled in nicely with a Rampage-esque slam! It was awesome to see Menjivar fight live.. even if most of the crowd had no idea who he was. The crowd seemed pretty dead to me compared to other events but the place was still pretty packed, especially with the PPV on tonight. I can't wait for the next one!

Oh and Dougie will be happy to know that they had DVD's of UCW 2 on sale there!

Congrats to Jay Day, a big win! Fontaine is a tough guy.

Also A big attaboy to Hamzeh and Graydon! I was pretty sure they were going to breeze through, though.

I heard Tavernini did alright against Menjivar landing a hard head kick. Details Anyone?


Good job Ivan and Chad !!

whoo hoo! way to go Treager, YOU earned this win, he trained his ass off. but you better of bought me a DVD of UCW2 (so I can FINALLY watch my fight.)

K, that's it. No more dumb reasons why I don't make it to the UCW shows. Next show I am making the trek for sure.

Considering who he was in there with, Tavernini definately did alright. It looked like Menjivar blocked the kick but it sure got his attention, and he took the fight to the ground pretty soon after that.

The next show is in Brandon on September 9th, and then they are back in Winnipeg on October 28th.

alright, Brandon is good. the drive will be two hours shorter for me. lol.

Tavernini did a great job in there with one of the best in the world
at that weight. Tavernini has always impressed me with his
toughness, never quit attitude, and continued improvement. That
head kick was blocked, but it certainly was an attention - getter.



Brandon on Sept. 9th, nice, that's a 5 minute walk for me !

Congrats to Jason Tatlow for another first round TKO !!

congrats, another great show, thanks for having me out!

Brigham looked like he belonged on the cover of GQ with his armani suit!


Hamzeh you looked slick in there! Congrats again on your win. I was very impressed, you looked like you never missed a beat!

Brigham had the best seat in the house!

Easiest night ever for a judge!

1) Congrats Trigger!

2) Someone better have got me a dvd! I'll pay for it! I'm good for it!

Congrats Hamzeh! You got me a dvd didn't you?

Congrats to my Calgarian hommies Chad Hazmeh and Graydon Tannis. I'm sure that the UCW wasn't the same without me, but it looks like the two of you stood on your heads. 2 thumbs up from your National Treasure!


Not one of you guys picked me up a dvd did you


Jay, thanks man, you did awesome as well, I was impressed for sure. Was a good night of fights..

Rowan, it could never be the same without you, lol.