Just wanted to thank Mac for being in my corner and Justin as well..It was good to have you help me out. Congrats to the boys..Jean Marc good show ..you to Garret...some good fights..and thanks to Pete Rodley as well for the support..

You did a good job and looked great out there Pete!

Sorry for constantly calling your room!

Pleasure meeting you, and glad your corner made it in, and everything worked out fine.

We knew it would work out well for you!

Awesome job Pete.

Great hanging out with you at Humpty's afterwards. Good luck in the future.

Great Fight Man i'm happy for you and the ontario boys did well. Everyone there was great we had a good bunch of guys in our locker room and Clint Piche was class act hopefully we fight again on the same card.

Garret I gave you round 2 and 3 just my opinion.

The Shark

Congrats Pete man. Keep it up bro.

Congrats again Pete...you looked impressive out there! I hope we get to chill again soon. I enjoyed exchanging "dad " stories..those are always nice when on the road. Give me a call some time.

all the best!


hey boyz its matt/mac/loc/loco whatever you want to call me! pete, good job! G'n'P.

jean marc lalonde nice fight.

mr. pete rodley very nice to meet you sir.

Garrett not a question who won your fight.

steve claveau your crazy bro, comedian.

john goulet class act.

wpgfighter thanks for the input...