So does anyone know what is happening with this weekends Pro Grappling tourney? I am interested in hearing who is comepeting and against who. Thanks to anyone who can fill me in.

Pretty sure that happened last night. Have not heard any results.

What was this event? Who was in it?

I guess it was supposed to be like a pro grappling tourney, run like an mma show. Not sure how it went. I know they were bringin in Gary Goodridge and a bunch of his guys. Also a few of the fighters from Curtis Brigham's WAMMA were scheduled to compete. I haven't heard any results, just yet.

Yeah, Lion. I believe you are correct. And I was mistaken, the show is tonight. Wasn't yesterday.

Brigham actually was competing tonight as well in the 205 lbs category!

Didn't know about the weight he fought at but heard he won. Also, his students, Jason Geiger, and Brad Katona won their weight divisions as well.