udo quellmalz + shoudler injury

I just recieved "Olympic Judo Quellmalz" after a couple recommendations here. I cant beleive how much you learn watching videos and the like! Plus it shows my most succesful move, the hooking osoto.

Anyway, does anyone here do harai-tsuri-komi-ashi? I have had to do this as theory before and could barly do it. Any tips? I am thinking of combining it with a left osoto. ie. feinting for my osoto by lifting my knee and maybe bringing the leg across a few times, then switching to a harai-tsuri-komi-ashi on ukes left leg when they take that leg back.

I usually attack from a double lapel or a lapel and pocket grip.

On another note: I entered my first competition last Sunday and my right shoulder has been aching since. I am not sure if the bone on the top of the shoulder is protruding more than it should be. I have full range of movement but it especially hurts shrugging my shoulder. Anyone had something like this?

Sorry if the post is a bit long...

you may have seperated your shoulder a tad bit. itll heal in time. just be a tad cautious in randori for a few.

as far as the combinations go.. whatever you like doing is what matters. dont worry soo much about what others have done, just practice it for yourself and see how it comes along. as you get better at each individual throw the combination will work better too. 1 guaranteed thing-- if they dont believe the first throw is a real throw, meaning if its not something they know you can actually do, then the combination isnt going to work either.