UFC 1 Poster on eBay!!!!

 Hey All,


I thought this might be of interest to some???

Whilst browsing eBay I came across a UFC 1 poster and wondered if someone with a keener eye than mine could tell if it is the real deal or not? It is currently going for $100 and at that price would be a steal!!!


It is listed as Ultimate Fighting Challenge poster if you wanna check it out.


Someone was probably going to get that for a steal until you posted the link ;)

Thats what I was thinking.I bet the seller just got a bunch of emails today.

 yeah, it's a steal unless it's a reprint.... if it don't come from a documented source, stay the fuck away! UNLESS you like to gamble! $100 for a fake = $100 lost ...

www.mmacollector.com and mmaposters.homestead.com are two documented sources that can help you find LEGIT mma memorabilia, don't gamble with your $$$.... it's worth the $ spent for authentic stuff!   "Shit" will always be worth S.H.I.T.!


Looks like someone made the seller an offer they couldnt refuse.They sold them both off ebay.

 and without any (Ebay or Paypal) protection! thats like banging a stripper from the Bronx bareback!...YIKES!!!....FP

If anything, PayPal makes it EASIER for people to scam others, not the other way around.

Wait, so what "went down"?

TJ can u post a picture of your UFC 17 poster - who's on that one, what size is it?

And if you already had 6 UFC 1's and u just sold one for 2500 why get into a biddin war and pay like 2K to get another? If you got the two from ebay like you said above are you selling them?

 unlvbjj has officially "called-out" TJ. This should be interesting...FP

 pay $100 for a fake one...hang it on ur wall......ur friends will think it's real.....dont worry dorks like FP and the rest wont be coming over....


 good point!....FP

LOL, not really calling the guy out, just want to see his UFC 17 poster because I've never seen one, and he says he has one. The stuff on the UFC 1 poster just makes no sense to me so I'm just curious. I was going to bid on it, and he says he bought it from the guy so I'm just curious how this all went down.

Posters arrived today, and he also had a UFC 8 and 9 that are in beautiful condition. And there is absolutely no question, these are all 100% authentic. I'll post more on my blog this weekend.

Did you buy them from suckerpunch?

No, I bought them from the person selling them.