ufc 100 greatest fights starts tonight on spike

i assume you guys probably knew this but incase you didn't now ya do.


i really don't care to watch that propaganda.

A ton of free MMA on TV but I disagree with the selection method so I'm going to really stick it to the man by not watching.

silent protest! (crosses arms)

I watched it... I liked it...

Wasn't bad. Still hate the list of the candidates that was on the website however as Zuffa continues to ignore pretty much everything that was SEG-era.

 I watched it and enjoyed it but some of the fights had no business being in the top 100. One-sided beat downs are not what I generally consider to be among the best fights of all time ( see GSP vs Trigg, Anderson Silva vs James Irvin).

Lists like these are always subjective but I generally prefer fights that are wars. For that reason I thought a few of the fights selected were excellent choices, particularly Tyson Griffin vs Frankie Edgar. That match was entertaining throughout and Edgar toughing out the last minute submission was a great way to end it. 

I thought the fighter's analysis added a lot to the show. Matt Hughes actually came across as a likeable guy and did a good job breaking down his past fights.

If nothing else, it's fun to watch the show to look back at past fights and reminisce.

silva vs. irvin was on there?


i never said that me not watching was going to by itself change zuffa's business practices. but if fans don't start making their displeasure known (which always starts out small and grassroots), then the message to zuffa is that we not only accept what you're doing with the sport but wouldn't object to further steps in that direction.

i have tickets to ufc 100, but i'm really considering voting with my wallet after this show, because the smarmy tactics of white and co are getting harder to ignore.

OriginalTUFer - Lol, that'll show them!!! You do have a Nielsen box, right?

and really with a name like yours, you really don't need to post anything. i think we know where you stand.

that said, whatever spike's attachment to ratings, it's pretty clear that the ufc does check out this website to measure fan reaction to its decisions.

 You thought Hughes came across likeable?, I cringe every time he speaks. I was a huge fan of his prior to him getting to talk more than he should of been allowed.