UFC 102 and afterparty pics (PICS)

 My UFC 102 and after party pics (PICS)

(22) [319] by Rolamos


 The suite seats

My best bro and I getting loud

Vera starts chopping down the Krystof tree

Handy and Nog start sluggin

What a great view

Handy is losing!! :(


  The after party..brought to you by our sponsor

"Listen Tracy..don't worry about those faygs on the UG..you know they have pics of you hanging in their rooms in their moms basement."

Hollywood and Hollyweird

Nate fends off the scavengers with a fork

cool pics thx for sharing.

 Just holdin things down..just holdin it down

my bro and Portland Trailblazer, Steve Blake

Short Fuse after an unfortunate short night

Seriously..stop being mean to this woman...she is really nice.

The California kid in Oregon

Went to the bar I work at for some after after partying and Jay was there and hung with us after hours. Really cool guy!

That "security" guy looks hammered

 ^^NAW he's just easily excited

 Thanks for the pics. Who's the girl to Uriah's right? 

cool pics man. and i'm sure that tongue ring pic will get you a lot of pm's if you post it on the og

"Dude, no way. Is that Rolamos?!?" 

man you sure uriah is old enough to be in that afterparty

Nice, looks like you had fun player!


 wow LOL @ all the homos fixated on my tongue ring.


FWIW I got my tongue ring around 1992 and my wife loves it so it stays.

You don`t have to lie to kick it.

Toiletpaper2-1.jpg picture by TheDropper

Some of you guys are brutal, lol.


I might have held back a little,but when I seen that the TS actually has two threads about this,it put him in the FRB category.


 LOL @ crowbars last pic....

Rolamos -  LOL @ crowbars last pic....


damn you had some shitty seats... the sky box is in the bleacher seats?

ho yea, nice tongue ring dork.