UFC 102: Battle At the Bingo Hall

Fresh on the heels of the UFC's last lopsided offering comes another

"epic" offering. UFC 102 features a main event that would have been

awesome 6 years ago when Randy Couture fights Big Nog.

I like both of these guys but Randy is nearly qualified for his senior

discount and AARP membership. The sad thing is Big Nog is only in his

30's but looks twice as old as Couture and in his last fight he moved

around like a walking corpse.

So, who will win the battle of the ancients?

Who will come out of Saturday the king of bingo, 3 pm dinner buffets

and green jello?

Who will be the more convincing in telling them damn kids to get off

the lawn?

Who will cry out "I've fallen and can't get up"?

Who will fall asleep during Buffer's fighter intros?

Who cares?

I'm picking Couture by decision, which means we may have to see Randy

eat a couple hundred Lesnar hammerfists again in 2010.

Should you pay for this show? No, but you will because you don't know

what's good for you. Dana White will fool you again. The undercard is

certainly underwhelming, other than the potential to see a Chris Leben

slugfest, this card is about as exciting as your grandpas neverending


May God have mercy on your wallets.  



Yeah, sounds like a boring card. I'm interested to see who wins but I don't think it will be exciting either. Hope I'm wrong!

you guys are dumb! this is easily one of the best cards ive seen the ufc put together this year! 3 slugfests and 2 very entertaining technical bouts, and thats just the main card the undercard also has a couple fights worth watching.

This card is straight weak sauce I will be saving my money for the first time ever  Maia vs Marquardt  is the only match I give two fucks about

imo there are some really good fights but will i buy it, no. good thing my cousins are buying it. i'll just show up with some Pabst and herb as payment towards this b+ level fight card. and i mean that out of respect for the fighters.

Both these "ancients" have been champions in the last 2 years.

You seem like you have a major chip on your shoulder.