UFC 102 GIFs


Todd Duffee vs. Tim Hague

Jake Rosholt vs. Chris Leben

Nate Marquardt vs. Demian Maia

Thiago Silva vs. Keith Jardine


Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Randy Couture




 Youre the man.

thanks man, hurry post more

ttt for smoogy

so much behind that punch. wow

Nate KO'ing Maia reminds me of Charlie Brown on the pitchers mound!


Someone needs to photoshop all Maia's cloths flying off into that GIF

Smoogy 4tw, great UFC card to silence the haters out there.

Nice airtime.

ZeroTime - Nice airtime.

 Yeah, I'm thinking his nickname should now be Demian "Hangtime" Maia

the two nog sweeps would be awesome! thanks for the gifs!

 That Marquardt gif is amazing.


as always, thanks smoogy...

need some good pics to start shoppin, Nate is definitely deserving a new MMA gif


razord - Nate/Maia=fedor/arlovski

thats what i was thinking when i saw it

maybe it was Ms. Tracy Lee?

SociallyPublish -  Did anyone see the camera flash right as Nate landed that punch?

Someone has got to post that picture!

wow...Nate countered with that right hand beautifully, ironically he kinda looked like anderson with that one-punch KO. My fav KO of the year.

Top Man - thanks