UFC 102 GIFs


Ok, added the Nogueira GIF

it's a new day, everyone use your vote to vote up smoogy. Always comes through with the gifs right after the event.

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Thanks yet again for the GIFs smoogy

To everyone wondering about flash during the Nate/Maia GIF, I doubt that was a pro photographer taking it. It makes no sense to shoot a flash from that far as none of the light from it would hit the subjects, i.e. the fighters who are probably 30-40 feet away. If anything if would just light up the cage. So I'm guessing it was just someone's point/click with the auto flash on...

Marquardt's KO was better than Fedor's because it's hard to see a solid punch hit Arlovski, it's more like the arm's just there. Even Fedor was surprised. Nate's is just a clear knocking the fuck out of a dude.






maia got arlovski'd

inf0 -  Smoogy, can you get that one wicked combo of Mino's where he went to the body a couple times?

Thanks for the gifs..

 What round and what time?

 GIF request I have, will work on it later when I get a source to use but I thought that split second shot of Brock before the main event was hilarious.  Cut to him in the crowd before the fight and he looked all pissed off.  I'm probably remembering it being much cooler than it was

Damn it your gifs usually work for me at work but they are blocked this time. Saved for later.