UFC 102 - Live Chat - Spoilers

Oh Yeah Baby!!! Here we go!!

Here's my picks...

So far I'm 3 and 3. :(

let get this shit going. i gotta full bottle of jack. this should be good before its over.

Yeehaw! Hopefully my stream stays up...

Oh yeah...I can't believe I am finally getting to see Big Nog vs Couture!! This is crazy shit!


Here comes Vera vs Soszynski!

This should be good. Someone is getting ktfo!

First time, and probably only time, I'm rooting for Krystoff. I can't stand Vera.

I've always liked Vera. I just think he lost his way there for awhile...Hopefully he'll prove that he has refocused himself tonight. Make it or break it time for Brandon.

i'm rooting for vera.

Both guys look ready to go!


 my stream crapped too... thumbs down

haha...so did mine. there are plenty more out there.

Welp...Round 1 goes to Vera. I was expecting more early fireworks here...

This fight looks like its becoming Swick/Burkman. Vera's muay thai looks pretty good though

WTF is Herb doing!

I'll give that round to Soszynski based on the take down.

 It always sucks when the show starts out with a snoozer.

Yeah. :(

lol@calling another man "master"