UFC 102 - Nick Catone VS Mark Munoz

This should be a great fight! Two great strikers, great matchup. Who takes this one?

Source: http://www.mmaweekly.com/absolutenm/templates/dailynews.asp?articleid=8618&zoneid=13

Two great strikes? What the fuck dude?

I question Munoz's great striking. But its a good matchup.

NorthFromHere - Two great strikes? What the fuck dude?

LOL. Two GREAT strikers!

 Is this fight going to be at 185?

Yup, from the article it looks like Munoz will drop to 185..

doubleRistretto - 
Two great strikers

Puff puff, pass it on dude!


p.s.hopefully Mark will destroy some people @185.go Flip!

Yeah I thought that the whole two great strikers thing was a joke. Nice try...no not really.

TTT for two great strikers!

Oh relax you bag of dicks. I'm just trying to say it will be a nice fight to watch. They both have punching power so there will be exchanges, very exciting matchup IMO. Both guys are hard working decent fighters!

TTT for good match-up!

So punching power = Great striking?


JOB - So punching power = Great striking?

So you're saying no punching power = Great striking?