UFC 102 Prelim Discussion

Edward Herman v. Aaron Simpson        
Gabriel Gonzaga v. Chris Tuchscherer        
Justin McCully v. Michael Russow        
Timothy Hague v. Todd Duffee        
Nick Catone v. Mark Munoz        
Marcus Aurelio v. Evan Dunham        



 I don't honestly know alot about Munoz, but after seeing him get out boxed by Hamill, I have a hard time believing he will have much to offer.

I'm really hoping Tuscherer will win, since he's from Minnesota!

pickledsoylentgreen -  I don't honestly know alot about Munoz, but after seeing him get out boxed by Hamill, I have a hard time believing he will have much to offer.

thats a bad assumption Munoz is a terrific wrestler and Hamill was a terrible matchup

munoz is a pretty good wrestler i from ok st believe

Getting outboxed was an understatement.  Every time he got hit he just leaned back and lowered his head and braced for more shots.

 What can you guys tell us about Hague?

I know Duffie is no joke at all.  Trained at our gym several years back.  He's destroyed just about eveyone he's fought.  His only loss that I am aware of is having to stop after breaking his own wrist beating the poop out of some guy.  Todd is a real big prospect with a lot of fans excited for him to do well -- unfortunately a lot of pressure on him to be successful. 

What does anyone know about his opponent?

"What does anyone know about his opponent? "

Sub'd HD Berry in the 1st, after eating some shots. Arm bar I believe....

 Yeah I read he finished a guy with a guillitene in the first at a UFC event.  Looks like a big Canadian guy with a good record.  I'm hoping it goes well for Todd and makes it to the PPV


Round 1 - An intense staredown as the fighters get final instructions. A touch of gloves gets the evening's first contest underway. Dunham looks to work a combo early. The two dance and trade right hands. Dunham the early aggressor. Aurelio parrying and just misses with a heavy counter right. Aurelio lands a lead right, but Dunham answers with a jab. Two minutes in, and Aurelio is now initiating more action. Dunham lands a 1-2 that backs Aurelio against the cage, but he quickly slips away. Dunham lands a left hand that drops Aurelio, and he charges in with a flurry on the ground, Several shots connect, and Aurelio is hurt. Aurelio hangs on, and Dunham briefly settles into guard before standing up and motioning Aurelio to do the same. Aurelio looks to shoot, but Dunham sprawls. Aurelio throws a few wild shots before an unsuccessful takedown attempt. Aurelio appears recovered with a minute remaining. Aurelio wings a few wild rights, but Dunham scores with a straight left. Dunham ends with a flurry and easily takes the first, 10-9, on the MMAjunkie.com card.

Round 2 - Aurelio comes out with the first punch, then another missed takedown. Dunham slips and scores with a few straight left hands. Another left backs Aurelio up. "Maximus" looking for the takedown again, but Dunham defends. Aurelio finally lands a right hand, and he takes Dunnham down against the cafe. Aurelio takes half-mount, and Dunham eats a few punches with his arms trapped. Dunham shakes free and returns to his feet. Aurelio breathing hard, and Dunham scores with a left hand down the middle. Aurelio lands a wild right hook, and a follow up catches Dunham in the eye. Dunham winces and gets a brief respite. Aurelio moves in on the restart. Dunham pushes away from a clinch. Two minutes left in the round. Aureio stalking, but Dunham answers with several hard punches and a kick. Dunham misses with a left haymaker, and Aurelio ducks in and works for a takedown. Dunham sprawls and defends, then pushes away. Dunham lands a kick to the legs. Dunham scores with a right hand and narrowly misses with a high kick. Aurelio slowing, though Dunham still looks fresh as time expires. Closer round, but Dunham takes it according to MMAjunkie.com, 10-9.

Round 3 - Aurelio immediately shoots in and Dunham pulls guard. Aurelio works to pass with his legs as Dunham holds tight with his arms. Dunham throws a few elbows on bottom, and Aurelio answers from top. Dunham's head trapped on the cage, and Aurelio passes to half-mount, then swings out to north-south. Dunham stands during the transition, then drops to a knee as Aurelio looks for a guillotine choke. Aurelio squeezes tight with an arm-in guillotine, then drops and rolls to tighten the hold. Dunham lasts the hold, escapes and stands. The crowd cheers wildly, and the pair trades wildly in the center. Aurelio shoots in again. Dunham defends, but he's forced to his knees. Aurelio picks the ankle and eventually forces Dunham to his back. Dunham scrambles and stands with 90 seconds remaining. This time Dunham shoots in and works the fight to the floor. They stay there only briefly. Wild swings by both fighters with under a minute. Aurelio shoots in again, but Dunham sprawls. Dunham lands a high kick, and the pair is toe-to-toe for the final 10 seconds. Great opening fight, and the crowd shows their appreciation. MMAjunkie.com sees the final round for Aurelio, 10-9, but the fight for Dunham, 29-28. Evan Dunham def. Marcus Aurelio via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27).

Aurelio won't be brought back.....too bad.

There's a coffeeshop in the Octagon?

"Aurelio finally lands a right hand, and he takes Dunnham down against the cafe."

dawei - There's a coffeeshop in the Octagon?

"Aurelio finally lands a right hand, and he takes Dunnham down against the cafe."

Dana mentinoed putting one in at the UFC 101 post fight press conference but it wasn't supposed to be implemented until ufc 104 in l.a.

Lawman - Aurelio won't be brought back.....too bad.

I'm kind of glad. He only finished guys in the ufc that don't even belong in the ufc. He then lost to a guy who only had one ufc fight to his name (dunham). So yea.. i think he deserves to go.


Round 1 - Urijah Faber cageside as the action begins. A quick touch of gloves gets us started. Munoz works immediately to the clinch, though Catne backs him tot he cage, works his arms free and lands a few hard shots. Munoz backs away and shoots in, taking Catone down, but only momentarily. Munoz misses a jab and Catone cores with a counter right. Munoz lands a heavy rihgt, then moves in for another clinch. Munoz lands a knee inside, then just misses with an elbow as he backs away. Catone pumps a jab but caches an inadvertant low blow in the exchange. Replays show the left low kick scored directly on the cup. Catone rests briefly, the jumps back in with three minutes remaining. Munoz misses a punch, and Catone ducks under and works him to the floor. Catone takes side control and throws several knees to Munoz's right side. Munoz tries to roll free, and turns Catone by grabbing his leg and rolling. The two stand, Munoz at the rear. Catone lands a back elbow, but Munoz dumps him on the floor. Catone stands immediately back up. One minute remains, and Catone lands a flurry. Munoz misses a takedown, and the two again clinch. The pair trades knees as time expires, and Catone works it to the floor as time expires. Close round, but MMAjunkie.com sees it for Catone, 10-9.

Round 2 - Catone opens the second with a few quick shoots. Catone shoots in, walking into a Munoz knee, but the blow doesn't faze him as he finishes the shot. Catone works to side control, then to the back as Munoz rolls. Munoz stands, and Catone lands a knee on the break. Munoz moves forward again into a clinch. and with double underhooks works Catone to the mat. He pops immediately back up, and Munoz releases the hold. Liytle less bounce by both fighters with three minutes remaining. An exchange of punches mostly misses. Munoz works for angles, but Catone lands the heavy shot that wobbles Munoz Munoz wobbles. TOugh to tell if he's feigning, and Catone does not rush in. Munoz clinches and drags Catone to the floor. Catone again stands, though Munoz is the one that lands the knee this time. Munoz again shoves Catone to the cage, and he lands a nice right hand. Munoz takes a second to clean his feet, and Catone allows it. Catone lands another nice right hand. Munoz answers, then narrowly misses a homerun shot. Munoz grabs a guillotine choke as Catone drops to his knees. Referee Yves Lavigne watches closely, but Munoz releases and resorts to a headlock. The round ends, and though Catone had a few stunning shots, MMAjunkie.com sees it for Munoz, 10-9, in another close round.

Round 3 - Smattering of applause as the third round starts. Munoz looks a little but livelier, and he narrowly misses on a single-leg. Munoz lands a punch as he pulls away. Munoz looks comfortable on his feet, though Catone snaps a jab to his nose. Catone misses with a few hard shots, and Munoz ducks under for a shot. Catone slips away, narrowly missing a hard right hand. Munoz looking to attack from the feet, but Catone using decent footwork to escape. Munoz grabs hold of the head, dropping down while looking for a guillotine. Catone jumps to the side and Munoz is forced to release it. Catone tries to grab an ankle lock, but Munoz slips free and spins t top position. Munoz backs away and lands a nice 1-2, but Catone backs away and shoots in. Catone works to the back, though he's too high as Munoz stands and shucks him off. Munoz falls into Catone's guard, then quickly works out to half-mount. One minute remains, and Munoz moves out to side control. Catone turtles, and Munoz passes on a chance to work in a choke in favor of control and a barrage of right hands. Munoz switches to left hands as Catone tries to slip free. Munoz's wrestling background helps him to hold Catone down for the remainder of the round, delivering a few solid punches to the hand and taking the fight on the MMAjunkie.com card, 29-28.

Mark Munoz def. Nick Catone via split decision (28-29, 30-27, 29-28).

the guy at mmajunkie needs to invest in spellcheck

bismanfightclub -  thanks for the updates hnmmafan, despite what a few typo nazi's say.

he is the typo nazi hahahaa

hahaha just making an observation, but your welcome