UFC 103 official announced for Dallas!

The rumored card:

-Rich Franklin (25-4) vs. TBA
-Josh Koscheck (12-4; #5 Welterweight)* vs. Frank Trigg (19-6)
-Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic (25-6-2; #6 Heavyweight)* vs. Junior dos Santos (8-1)
-Martin Kampmann (15-2; #7 Welterweight)* vs. Mike Swick (14-2; #9 Welterweight)*
-Tyson Griffin (13-2) vs. Hermes Franca (19-7)
-Sean Sherk (33-4-1) vs. Gleison Tibau (17-7)
-Efrain Escudero (11-0) vs. Cole Miller (15-3)
-Drew McFedries (8-5) vs. Tomasz Drwal (16-2-1)

Who do you think the UFC will get to headline this card. I'm buying my tickets this week. I really hope UFC throws us a bone and gives us a legit headliner. My friend says he gets a Ultimate Fight Night vibe from this card.

Also, is it worth it to get the fight club membership?

stellar card without a strong main event im going

Go Twinkle Toes!!

Bishman - 
Also, is it worth it to get the fight club membership?

PERSONALLY, NO. im part of the FC and not too many are interested in this card.
i doubt itll sell out also cuz its a big arena. most ppl buy memberships hoping to get the $50 or $100 tickets BUT the 50 and 100 are the 1st to go obviously, and there is alot of disappointed FC members after the pre sale because they dont tell u that the $50 tix are like the last 3 rows so there isnt many. for ufc 68 in houston sales werent bad but they had GSP fighting. this card is Franklin and no title fight so unless u want to get like a specific section in the higher priced tix id say dont do it

This card is terrible.

That said, I'm getting tickets just because I don't get the chance to go to live shows that often. Hopefully they get someone decent to fight Rich.

Speak for yourselves. I like this card.

I hope Rich Franklin/Cane happens.

pretty good card imo

Also, is it worth it to get the fight club membership?
If you want tickets that arent 500 dollars it is.


 Winner of Swick/Kampann GETS GSP! WOO!

I like it. Swick/Kampann, Koscheck/Trigg, and Mirko/Dos Santos are all exciting fights, and if they get a legit opponent for Franklin it could potentially be a great card.

are there no $150 tickets?