UFC 103 poster

  ufc103poster.jpg picture by youdidntno/v:shapetype

I don't think this one will be worth ordering...

Crocop is slightly interesting...

They really need to add one more big name fight...

Never thought i'd see Belfort on a recent UFC poster ever again. Cro Cop too. Quite trippy really.

Can't wait to see Vitor back home in the Octagon© where he belongs. One of my favorite fighters from back in the day.

Go Vitor!

DREAMFORCE-1 invasion has begun!

Great font. Different from typical, trite posters.

ttt for Vitor

Victor Gracie!

 How about the large version? =) thank you.

 I think that the Franklin vs Belfort is a very good fight.  Looking forward to it.


Dreams are SO much better.

GaymidaGaydan - LAME POSTER.

Dreams are SO much better.


liquidrob - Victor Gracie!

Best post here. I shout out to the fine announcers at Extreme Fighting

 Of course Dreams are better, they take risks and are creative.

Vitor is interesting. His fight with Rich could be good or a shitfest, hard to predict.

The whole card looks really good, I dont know what people expect every fight a championship or what!!!
BTW I got my tickets for this one!!

Anyone got a high-quality version of that?

notsobigmike - It's decent. It's got a little more design to it than the typical posters, but still leagues behind the Japanese promotional materials.



shit card

Uterrly shit poster like all UFC posters.