UFC 103 Press Conference - Dana quotes (pics)

- "People were b*tching about the main event… so we switched it. My job is to put on fights people want to see."

- "Floyd and I are always going back and forth. I’m a boxing fan. Marquez got caught in the crossfire. No disrespect to Marquez, he’s training at my gym right now. But he’s too small. We’re on the same night but we’ll see what happens. I don’t think it’s a good thing. But here we are. DVR the boxing fight."

- "As much sh*t as I talk about Bob Arum and Don King. I respect them both."

- "The reality is, no matter what happens on Saturday night. Boxing is in trouble. The UFC continues to grow in this horrible economy. We’re going to kick boxing’s ass. This year we’ve beat boxing and WWE combined."

- "Movie stars… it’s been happening. I don’t know who’s being approached. The crazy thing about this Rampage thing is he’s giving away a lot of money to do the A-Team. You can’t fix stupid".


good stuff though the respect for Arum and King is a bit odd.

Cro Cop MIA again.. =T

Vitor is holding his fists like Machida lol

grafzep - good stuff though the respect for Arum and King is a bit odd.

basically dana is saying, "takes one to know one"...

thanks to Card for posting... one thing dana isn't is dull...

 pic of Franklin embracing Vitor is begging for a romoshop or at least a caption, looks sudden, awkward, and like Vitor is not sure what to make of it "there, there guy"

 I'd like to see a gif of Dana flexing.. I thought that was priceless

where the fuck is cro cop

^ Crocop never shows up to press conferences I thought... Even going back to the PRIDE days...

lol at "You can't fix stupid." Looks like Dana needs another new favorite.

Cro Cop is more worried about training than doing PR, good for him!