UFC 104 Poster

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                                UFC 104 Poster

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 Lyoto has a prominent laugh line, they should have photoshopped that.


machida in the middle was a surprise. scared me a lil

at first glance it seems that Rothwell and Cain are the headliners.

Lyoto Vs Shogun looks good.

Not sure why Cain and Ben are on the poster.

I like Lyoto's Tapout hat.

Damn that poster sucks.

Looks like 3 different posters got thrown together at the last minute.

Who cares how the poster looks, will be good fights.

The UFC came out with one great poster (BJ VS GSP 2). It was really nice and artistic. I have it hanging up in my office @ work (my office is right next door to my vice president's office). After that poster everything reverted back to the same out shitty poster. I have enought room in my office to have up 4 more poster. The ufc needs better designers or not put out the same old shit

Terrible poster.

Nice how they made sure the racist "BROWN POWER" tat is hidden on their poster.

pneuma - Nice how they made sure the racist "BROWN POWER" tat is hidden on their poster.

Its Brown Pride not Power douche

Garbage. they should Hire the Dream Poster guy

One of the worst posters I have seen. Machida in the middle is just terrible.

Ryan Wood - I like Lyoto's Tapout hat.

Looks more like a Tapout tiara!

Poster looks very similar to Hughes Gracie poster

Good times!

I can't wait for this fight.

Why can't they try something new? This is boolshit!