UFC 104 Press Conference Pics

Are up! Who do you have on the main event? And the comain??

Lyoto or shogun? Cain or Ben??

Click the photo below to view the pics!

thanks for the pics,,, have to go with Lyoto & Cain.

I pick Tracy.

oh hefe you playboy


welcome! Its awesome to have this UFC in LA... So many people around to see!

 LOL at Dana White face.  Look at the seriousness!

Good stuff, enjoying the photo threads again lately.

Looking for Rothwell to take out Velasquez, though more with hope than expectation.

 Thanks for the pics Tracy.



I'm going to pick Lyoto and Big Ben,but don't sleep on Shogun...He posseses the skill and power to beat Machida!

 Didn't get a chance to say hi during the madness in the media pit, but just wanted to say great work as always. 

Great work tracylee. I'm picking Lyoto and Ben.


Great pics Tracy.

 Lyoto/Cain FTW

I like shogun's zip up, nice clean white with gray trim.

With the fists in the way Dana looks like Dr. Evil in the first pic.

Thanks T!!!


AmericanPsychoMMA -  Thanks for the pics Tracy.

lyoto looks constipated and mauricio looks like he is excited he just got the N64 for Xmas and is trying to hold back the emotions