UFC 104 Staples Center-Training?

Im about 99% sure im going to UFC 104 at the Staples Center with Ben Rothwell for his fight with Cain Velasquez. I will be training with Ben of course all week but i usually have down time and would like to get some rolling in at a local bjj/grappling school. I dont want to make any crazy drives in LA traffic though.

What is closest by? Any suggestions? Thanks guys!

You are welcome to train with us at Vmat.


Andre that would be cool. I've always been a big vladdy fan. Thanks bro

 Mike C. is still always welcome at 10th Planet Burbank

Alder, i should have said where besides 10th planet because i already planned on coming back there! I really liked all the guys i met there last time. Everyone was really friendly and helped me out alot. Wow its been 3 years which was October 2006 during the IFL days.


 It'll be good to have you back in. give me a hollar, we're at a new location in burbank.

alder at 10thplanetwatch dot com