ufc 109: a gracie fighting?!

 rolles gracie fighting alturk?!

ug, confirm or deny

From Damon @ MMAWeekly's Twitter.

Just confirmed two big fights...Rolles Gracie vs. Mustapha Al-Turk at UFC 109 and Donald Cerrone vs. Ed Ratcliff in December.

Damn. A Gracie I haven't heard much about is still headline worthy. Rorion sure made the name a commodity.

 i wish it was roger but its kinda cool still to see a gracie finally back in the ufc. i remember being a little kid and hearing about some small brazilian guy beating everyone in some cage fighting thing. i was 12 when i heard about it, my teacher told me no one could beat him and that he wore some uniform thing. haha memories

Sorry. This is old news.

Al Turk will never be seen in the UFC after this one.


Rolles Gracie Signs with the UFC, Fights Al Turk at 109

Posted by Dallas Winston | UFC | Thursday 22 October 2009 9:54 am 

Rolles Gracie Vs Mustapha Al Turk copy

The family name that changed the way the modern human race looks at hand-to-hand combat will remain prevalent in MMA.  Rolles Gracie will proudly represent his family name and the martial arts style they brought to full-contact fighting as he makes his UFC debut against Mustapha Al Turk at UFC 109.

Rolles sports a young 3-0 MMA record, having one win in the IFL and two in China’s Art of War promotion.  All three of his wins came in the first round by way of- you guessed it- submission.  The 6′4″ 240 pound Brazilian will test his mettle against the UFC’s formidable and constantly improving stable of heavyweights.

Mustapha Al Turk returns to action after his disappointing and controversial loss against Mirko CroCop, where the slow motion replay revealed an errant CroCop finger in Al Turk’s eye to be the blow that fell him.  This instance played a role in the NSAC’s institution of the instant replay rule, allowing the referee to review the final moments of a stopped fight to determine if a foul played a role. 

Al Turk is 6-5 overall and 0-2 in the UFC, with losses to CroCop and Cheick Kongo.  He does hold wins in Cage Rage over Mark Kerr and current TUF competitor James McSweeney.

Source:  MMAJunkie


Rolles Gracies is going to shake shit up