UFC 109 could be EPIC!!! This is the REAL 108!!!

Seriously, this could be the real New Yearsish card, easy!

Even better for superbowl!

Anderson Silva Vs. Vitor Belfort (sounds likely)

Demian Maia Vs. Dan Miller

Matt Hughes Vs. Renzo Grace (possibly?)

Frank Trigg Vs. Matt Serra

Randy Couture Vs. Mark Coleman.....and I......jizzed in my pants!

Likely events:

Anderson gets injured

Demian Maia vs. Dan Miller

Renzo Gracie Vs. Mac Danzig (Hughes gets injured)

Frank Trigg Vs. Matt Serra

Randy Couture Vs. Ryan Bader (Mark Coleman gets injured)

<<---- This fan kills herself!

Justinmacd - lol

Randy vs Bader is the main event. Randy wins an uneventful UD after Bader blows his wad in the first.

I also have no faith in this event keeping this type of star power.

Haha. I can only imagine how terrible of a fight that would be. I can already think of some names for it:


UFC 109: EXODUS (fans will give away their tickets and jump off bridges)

UFC 109: COUTURE VS.......bader...

Wasn't it announced that Renzo's first opponent isn't going to be Hughes? ..that Hughes would likely be his second fight?

Superbowl cards should always be bigger then NYE cards. NYE MMA in the US means jack shit.

Superbowl weekend in Vegas has to be one of the biggest Vegas weekends of the year as far as gambling action goes.