UFC 112: Kendall Grove v. Mark Munoz?

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                                UFC 112: Kendall Grove v. Mark Munoz?

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Middleweight Kendall Grove's (11-6 MMA, 6-3 UFC) mystery opponent at the as-yet-unannounced UFC 112 event could be "The Filipino Wrecking Machine."
Multiple sources MMAjunkie.com spoke to on Wednesday said Mark Munoz (7-1 MMA, 2-1 UFC) is under intense consideration to face Grove at the event, expected for April 10 in Abu Dhabi at a stadium to be constructed.

It is unknown whether bout agreements have been distributed, but at least one fighter has verbally agreed to the contest.

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That card's gonna be hard to beat.

 Munoz by GnP KO.

Nice match up stylistically. Munoz will definitely take Grove down, but Grove can easily submit Munoz with those long limbs.


Munoz...all day

Grove, please go away already.

mcpeepants232003 - Didn't we just see this fight at Ufc 106(Grove vs Rosholt)?

I think Grove takes it because of his superior bjj and reach.

Mark Munoz just got his purple belt yesterday so his sub and sub defense is probably pretty good.