UFC 112 Press Conference Pics!

Are up!

Who do you have on this history making event?

Matt or Renzo?
Bj or Frankie?
Anderson or Demian?

Everyone seems to really respect the other on this event.

click the photo below to view the pics!




That is awesome that you are there taking photos.  Thanks for sharing them

I'll be looking for some cool food shots too!





Thanks for the pix Tracy.. awesome you got to go there for this :)


I know when you took this photo Tracy, you knew someone from the UG would ask.... lol


 Crazy.  Is that art or furniture?

Anderson is fighting Nate Quarry???

How awesome is Renzo? He's this awesome:
UFC 112: Press Conference Pics

Great pics as always...

 I am a huuuuuuge Anderson Silva fan.

For some odd reason these pics just made me totally want to see Demian get the win.

I have no idea why.


Oddessa -  I'm on ur site.. appreciate and mad respect  for ur work...


...but can u direct me to any pics of Al Turk..  I'm looking and damned if I cant find any.......long day....am i overlooking it? 

..if u saw him....hows he look? did he look like a fat ass?  the whole planet likes Madsen against him.

ty in advance...



Anderson is a no brainer. BJ is a no brainer. Matt vs Renzo is a tough one, I dunno who wins that one.

 all red x's

Am I missing something? I see nothing.



Its the UG's asshole club. ^^^^^^^