UFC 114 was good except for the Main Event

I thought UFC 144 was a pretty decent event with the exception of the Main Event between Rashad and Rampage.

A key yardstick for me is whether or not I rewatch any of the fights again the next day, and will do so on a few of these.

The Rampage fight could have been better but I have seen worse. Rampage had a chance to turn it around and finish Evans.

Saw the two prelims on Spike to get primed for the event.

Will expecially rewatch the Brilz vs Lil Nog fight, it was a pleasant surprise. I didnt know anything about Brilz, just saw his record and who he fought and his biggest fight on short notice I didnt give him much chance. I thought he won the fight.
That fight had standup and some great ground back and forth, even a crucifix whihc he got out of and reversed. Nice effort.

Finally really saw the potential of TODD DUFFEE, amazing quickness and explosiveness for a big guy. WOW RUSSO took some punches and hung in there for 3 rounds before getting a surprising KO.

HAWTHORNE showed he is for real against Diego.

GOOD NIGHT OF FIGHTS ..except for the disappointment of the Main Event.

I enjoyed the whole the show. People who are bitching are just casual fans or strikeforce shills. All the true hardcore guys have no problem with the event.

What do you mean by "GOOD". Obviously you did not watch DREAM 14. If you want to see a GOOD event check out a replay on HDNET. Tough fights toe to toe action, historical matches... By the way it was FREE!!!!!

Modern Day Messiah - you are so delusional EM lol, you say every show is a great show.

Hell you don't even train, have never fought, yet you mouth off to anyone "new" on the forum lol.

Get over your issues dude.

You know absolutely nothing about me at all. You have no idea what I do or do not do. The fact that you think you know something about me, makes you the delusional one. Put down the bong.

And I never said it was a "great" show. I just said that I enjoyed it.

thank god for the forward button

too many decisions.
a trend I hate