UFC 114: Weigh In pics

Are up!

Weigh Ins went off without a hitch as Rashad stepped to the Stage to Boos and Rampage to cheers. They sure as hell did have a mean stare off though! Who do you pick????

Click the photo below to view the pics:

Thanks Tracy, Rampage by brutal knockout.

page via brutal ass rape

I got on here knowing Tracylee might likely had some weighin fotos up.....


Cheers TL

Quick work, good stuff!

Rampage by nasty KO.

Lol @ Rampage winning.

 The website is down. =(

Rashad via surperior training camp and game plan also known as lay and prey.

Server's struggling.

Like Duffy's coin pose: http://i47.tinypic.com/azar95.jpg



 Tracy, time to pay for some bandwidth.

DevilsAdvocate -  Tracy, time to pay for some bandwidth.


login for slideshow?! AAAAWWWW.

Rashad got some titties?

Bet on Rampage, make skrilla...