UFC 124 - What people aren't talking about

I realize we are almost a week removed but I can't believe no one is talking about this!

Am I the only one who saw Buffer perform the 360 live for the second time? Dude got some sick air on it too.

"George RUSH" 360, sticks it, "ST-PIERRE" and the crowd goes insane from the Jason Statham like athleticism displayed by Bruce Buffer while being all suited up.

There must be some UG'er that has video of this!

 bruce buffer sucks, they should replace him with the mexican dude who did some wec's


Bruce Buffer = the best announcer in MMA, period. 

Bruce is the man. Don't mess with the Buff he'll 360 head kick u into next week son. Phone Post

I cant stand Bruce.

 joe "i make bryant gumbel look like malcolm x" martinez??

 fuck you guys bruce is the shit

 get off gimmick boy bruces nuts, that martinez dude puts him to shame


 Bruce has come a long way from UFC 35, that's for sure (watching Jens Pulver - BJ Penn atm).